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Rampage LED Tailgate Light Bar

Superbrite LED light bar from Rampage has been designed and manufactured to expand overall life expectancy with the introduction of a waterproof, fully sealed electrical system. This innovative Light Bar is brighter and lasts longer due to the development of a waterproof, fully sealed electrical system. The completely encapsulated circuit board with robotically assembled high intensity LED bulbs is encased in a rigid, injection molded cap while suspended in a UV stabilized clear urethane, creating a seamless, completely waterproof Tailgate Bar.
LED Lighting
The Rampage Truck, Mini Truck and SUV Tailgate light bar is designed to fill the recessed space between the tailgate and bumper, and is easily installed (without drilling) using durable 3M automotive grade adhesive foam tape.
  • One Year Warranty
  • Heavy gauge wiring with plug-in flat four hitch connector to quickly plug into existing trailer hitch – includes fuse protection
  • Long life superbrute LED bulbs for Brighter, faster lighting response
  • Waterproof
  • High quality SMT technology circuit board
  • Attaches to vehicle with 3M® adhesive foam tape
  • Universal fit and mounting
New Waterproof Design
Application Part #
Five Function SUPERBRITE with Running lights, Brake lights, Emergency hazard and L & R turn signals
Tailgate lightbar 60-inch LED 960134
Tailgate lightbar 49-inch LED 960135
Six Function SUPERBRITE with Reverse Lights, Running Lights, Brake lights, Emergency Hazard and L & R turn signals
Tailgate lightbar 60-inch LED 960136
Tailgate lightbar 49-inch LED 960137
*Six Function plus Amber L & R turn signals, Reverse lights, Running Lights, Brake lights and Emergency Hazard
Tailgate lightbar 49-inch LED 960139
1 Year Warranty

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